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Slip Rings for Industrial Applications
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  Slip Ring Applications:
Mechanical handling
Lifting equipment and cable reelers
Hazardous area equipment
Satellite assemblies
Wind tunnels
Sub sea applications

Remote operated vehicles

Some of today’s most advanced technology can be found in industrial applications. Modern crane or cable reeling requirements can call for large and sophisticated sliprings, having hundreds of circuits to facilitate their operation often in hazardous areas. Pandect have had a great deal of success in offering very low maintenance systems in critical applications and greatly extending the life-span of slip rings used in hostile environments such as sub-sea, zero atmosphere and radioactive sites, where access for maintenance is impossible.
Explosion proof units
High reliability low maintenance

Oil filled units for sub-sea applications

Yading slip ring Advantage

Customized design to optimize customer requirements
High-quality standards
Competitive price-performance ratio
Reliable in extremely high and low temperatures
Reliable in high humidity or corrosive environments, under vacuum and in controlled atmospheres
Resistant to vibrations and shocks
Long working cycles
Prevention of arcing in industrial environments
Capability to manufacture everything from prototypes to large batches
Slip Rings for Industrial ApplicationsSlip Rings for Industrial Applications

From measurement and testing systems, robotics and turntables to packaging, bottling, handling,

 tooling and inspection machines, slip rings are found wherever there is a need to transfer electrical 

power and analog or digital signals between a stationary and a rotating platform. 

The high quality and reliable slip rings from YADING have been designed to work in the most demanding 

industrial conditions for 15 years.

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