High Current Slip Rings

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High Current Electric Slip Rings

High current slip ring is mainly able to transmit 50A or more high current, the use of unique design and

high-skilled technology to meet the requirements of different sectors of the industry slip ring.
Yading Electric has a strong technical research and development strength and experienced engineers,

 the company successfully developed the High current slip ring products, slip ring transmission performance is stable, 

excellent quality, able to achieve 360 ° rotation in any direction, has experienced long-term complex field practice test.

High current slip ring with high quality brush material and brass material, through the grinding of the contact surface to 

ensure a large area of contact, contact resistance is very low, the use of reliable. 

The brush compensation device ensures that the brush contact is still in reliable contact after wear.

 High Current Electric Slip Rings

BIG POWER Slip Rings

Do you need more than 600 amperes capacity? If so, Yading Electric  can handle it! 

We have built 1,000 amps, 2000 amps, 3000 amps and more capable ring! 

Our modular brush holder can be brought together to achieve high current carrying capacity. 

BIG Current Electric Slip Rings

● Up to hundreds Ampere
● Transfers control and data signals
● Over-long lifetime, no need maintenance, no need lubrication
● Compact package


● Circuits
● Signal, power transmitted single or together
● Current &Voltage
● Lead wire length
● Lead wire exit direction
● Connector
● Housing color
● Protection

● Flange for installation.

High power slip rings

Typical application
● Industrial mechanic controlling center, rotating tables

● Magnet driver, processing control equipment 
● Robotics, rotary sensors, urgent illumination equipment

● Producing and controlling equipment

Circular irrigation
Maintenance trucks
Packaging and Sorting Equipment
Rotating conveyer systems
Rotating wrapping machines
Turn tables for automation
Wind power
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