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Large slip ring assembly
The large hole slip ring represents the joint of the manufacturing process.
As well as enabling us to provide large, high-capacity slip rings,Cost-effective advanced features.
The process allows the slip ring to be constructed as an assembly line,
Significantly reduce delivery time and price. 


• Drum or platter style
• Inside diameters up to 55 inches
• Optical single channels available with data rates up to 5 Gp / s
• Lengths to 18 inches
• Rotational speeds to 300 rpm
• Power rings rated to 1000 V with current to 300 amp
• Data rings from DC to 80 Mb / s
• Quieter mechanical system operation
• Low life time maintenance
• Multiple brush tip options with minimal debris
Large Bore Slip Rings With Optics
These large bore slip rings feature optical channels for high speed
optical communications, up to 5 Gb / s. This patented technology also
has the capability to transfer multiple optical signals per optical channel,
resulting in data transfer rates in excess of 5 Gb / s per optical channel.
• ID to 55 inches, length to 18 inches
• Drum or platter style
• 80 Mb / s to 5 Gb / s per channel, aggregate data rate
greater than 80 Gb / s
• Rotational speed dependent on diameter

• To 1000 V; 300 amp

Typical Applications
• Medical CT scanners
• Luggage scanners
• Amusement rides
• Non-destructive test equipment
• Industrial 3D imaging equipment
• Cranes
• Offshore mooring                                                                                                                   

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